Education: The focus of attention

Since children learn much by imitation, parents should own activities, such as a phone call or reading the newspaper, do not let break from her child. Parents should insist on ongoing activities also lead to an end to. In an interview with the child, you should never leave interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Nevertheless, the child should not be disturbed in his activities.

The focus of attention is an active control process (as opposed to dream or sleep). This control requires a lot of energy. Studies have shown that the time in which children can build their full attention is quite low. Also playing are the children over a few hours on the ball, but here are the concentration fluctuations, because they are as it were incorporated into the game. The children change the game, take turns on the roles of the game, let her thoughts free rein to relate new ideas to play with, and so the case with homework or school is different. Here, the course is usually specified or determined by others. Hindrance effect here especially the specified period. If you have a look on you’ll find more information about it

Younger children can usually focus not long (about 15 minutes). Adults on the other hand have been a pronounced concentration phase (about 90 minutes). The 45/90 minute intervals in the school thus corresponds rather the attention span of the teachers rather than the ability of the children. The benchmark we cannot accept the attention span of adults, but must start with a comparison value for children.Attention is no ability to bring the children into the world with a priori, but a maturing and learning process, i.e., an attitude that they learn how to play and at school only.

Although almost all children get the basic skills with attention to orientation to the world, the intensity and duration is a long learning process and maturation. ? Related to the duration and intensity with which a child can focus its attention, there are also major differences between the children.

The brain learns in the course of development of thus filter the environmental stimuli. Not everything you hear is needed for the current activity. “Filter centres” in the brain (thalamus, limbic system) from hide what seems unimportant to the whole of the current situation. This active control, i.e. the ability to stimulus selection, is a maturing and long learning process.

How do I help my child with concentration problems?

In the perception of the public are more and more children unable to sit longer than ten minutes quietly to concentrate .This has to do with the fact that parents today react due to their modern educational settings more quickly to the needs of the smallest children, sometimes just simply because they are overwhelmed by their private and professional lives. In such an environment, children cannot learn to create in their inner world to life once order.

Concentration for a random amount of time, how to raise children about at school or with homework, they have to learn gradually. A five year old child who is looking for a quarter of an hour sitting still variety is totally age appropriate, because more cannot just concentrate Five-year, ten-year-old will also create a few minutes more. Parents, educators and teachers observe these limits often not a sufficient extent. However, children at this age can already concentrate more when they are dealing with something that means something to them, so if the interest and motivation is right.

The attention focus is achieved the more easily, the more you turn off to environmental stimuli. They include:

• Visual distractions, e.g. the TV, the toy on the desk, the screen saver, the working mother in the same room, the window in front of the desk with a view of children at play
• Acoustic distractions, e.g. the next door playing siblings, the radio, the phone, the noise from the road or from home
• Internal distractions, e.g. unpleasant thoughts and feelings, fears, anger with the teachers, parents or siblings, pressure and tension, persistent failures

Very few children cannot concentrate at all. Usually it can be observed that children concentrate in specific situations quite well, e.g. playing, in other situations, however only very limited, e.g. with homework. ? If you want to know whether the child is able to focus, then watched it again in different situations. A dissertation about this problem you can read on

When playing, listening to music, with homework, which makes it happy and in those who completed it less happy. If the child is restless and fidgety in front of the TV or it can sit here quietly and watch the movie. Only if we find not a single situation in which the child for a limited time (15 minutes) with an intense thing can deal without distracting yourself, you could have with the child an impaired ability to concentrate.

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